This was a year of events and time passing. I started this blog. I made a scant handful of posts. What else happened? okay this is mostly going to be about cartoons and video games, skip it if you’re not interested.

I have mostly kicked the habit with respect to anime. It feels remarkably good! To be sure, there are good ones that I haven’t seen (Ergo Proxy? Cencoroll? Planetes?), but I feel like digging for them will just lower my standards. Perhaps I should write a post about aesthetic standards?

I swapped out mostly-DotA for mostly-PoE. The latter is a bit less soul-crushing, in that you can have a ‘win’ rate over 50%. I mean, DotA is probably the better game and I’d kind of like to play more of it again, but most of our group have kind of given up and I’ve totally failed to persuade anyone else to play it. Both games are free, incidentally, and DotA comes with an arcade of custom games covering an array of weird mod-genres. Perhaps I should write a post about game balance in DotA vs PoE?

The standout winners of this year are Black Mirror, a TV drama thing that aired last year and that I watched in early 2015, and Undertale, which towers above the crowd of other things like a wolf-god in a pack of shiba inus. They both possess a quality of being far better if you just jump in without knowing what you’re getting in to, so – go! Now! Hurry! No post will be written about these for this reason.

What does the future hold?


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